Hit the bullseye during website reviews.
Choose DART.

A streamlined way for clients and co-workersto suggest changes and identify bugs.

Audio-Visual Recorder

Deliver crystal clear feedback using personalised audio-visual clips. These include a video recording of your screen layered with a sound clip of your own spoken voice in the background. Like we said, it’s time to show and tell.

Actionable Screenshots

Click and drag the Dart crosshair to capture the perfect screenshot. Then make the image come alive by pinpointing issues and snags using text boxes or a highlight marker or both. It’s that simple.

Seamless Integrations

To ensure an uninterrupted workflow, Dart features a two-way sync with prominent project management tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Slack and Monday. After all, we’re here to make life easier, not harder.

Why tell you when we can show you?

Experience the beauty of Dart for yourself.
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Tired of scheduling conflicts?

Disorganized feedback sessions can slow down your entire production.
Simplify the collaboration process with Dart.

Unique URL for each Bug

Each bug reported get its own unique URL! The user simply clicks on the link and is taken to the exact location of the bug, either on a page or in design.

Auto-detection of System Specs

Dart automatically detects the specs and screen size of the system that was used to raise the issue.

Multitude of Attachments

Shorten long discussions and present clear solutions. Attach samples of designs, layouts, images, sketches and templates to accelerate your design revision cycle.

Visual Task Board

Add filters and sort through bugs with supreme ease. Manage, assign and prioritize tasks, track progress and keep clients in the loop using Dart’s clutter-free visual task board.

Universal Accessibility

Eliminate the need for inconvenient third-party software and spreadsheets. Log in to Dart using any browser and any OS you want.

Pragmatic To-Do Lists

Work with complete convenience as you turn your feedback into executable to-do lists. Say goodbye to that annoying task of copy-pasting from endless email threads.

Why use different feedback tools for design?
W3Dart works great for UI/UX reviews, too!

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So whom exactly is Dart for?

Honestly, everyone in the digital space. Independent web contractors, bespoke design agencies and diversified tech multinationals all need a simplified feedback platform.

What are the possible applications of Dart?

Dart can be used at almost every stage of the development process. Right from wireframing till maintenance, Dart can prove a highly beneficial tool throughout the entire journey.