About w3dart

With our pioneering audiovisual component, we envision Dart heralding an industry-wide change in the way feedback is shared between clients and developers.

Our Story


What makes Dart so functional yet so versatile is that the people who built it are developers themselves. And like any other development agency, they too connected with their clients during web-based projects using a variety of feedback tools currently available in the market. After the successful delivery of countless mobile and web applications, they came to a pivotal realisation. An epiphany, if you will.

While the current tools were impressive in their own right, they were all missing one crucial element – speech. Markups, annotations, screenshots and attachments are all excellent visual aids, but what about audio? How much easier would it be for a client to point out exactly where the bug is if he could record his screen and his voice at the same time? How much simpler would it be for a developer to convey whether a change is possible by sending his client a quick sound clip?

And thus, Dart was born.

Packed with all the key visual elements that make a robust review tool and infused with the new and revolutionary audio feature, Dart truly is the most comprehensive feedback platform ever built.

And the best part – you can try it for free. Sign up for your trial today!

Our founders

KK Patel

Dart being his brainchild, KK has always been a proactive problem solver. His tech prowess, combined with his leadership skills, led to the creation of this unique and powerful feedback tool.

Samir Kaila

A publicity powerhouse, Sam is the team’s marketing whiz. His in-depth knowledge of key demographics will ensure Dart achieves maximum visibility and recognition as a globally renowned platform.