"Spendesk decreased their first-response time by 80% in six months"

Nachiketas Bhatkar Managing Director & CEO - Multiversity
30% month-over-month
55k Users
96.5% CSAT
25% Growth

What was your biggest challenge with client feedback?

Keeping track of the feedback becomes a big issue when dealing with projects of sizes that we deal with. There are multiple revision rounds in which clients go back and forth between specific elements of the eLearning modules or how we’re executing an idea. We need to make sure that all the feedback is incorporated and every stakeholder’s expectations are managed properly. You know… you cannot afford to come across as careless while eLearning development.

What changes did W3Dart bring to your feedback process?

W3Dart made it easier for us to keep track of the feedback and accelerate our development process. It’s video and voice recording features are impressive but what we really needed is a central hub for storing all the feedback which would help us accounting for it. Implementing the tool is easy. You do need 2-3 people to manage the tool still, it doesn’t eliminate the human touch that’s required but the adoption and learning curve is smooth so we had no issues.

What kind of success did you enjoy after using W3Dart?

I think with W3Dart we’ve made the feedback stage look more professional and this has lead to an increase in client satisfaction and delight. Throughout our engagement, the clients feel content with what we’re presenting them and how we’re doing it. They talk about it with their peers and colleagues and this has generated quite a bit of word-of-mouth for us.

What changes did W3Dart bring to your feedback process?

We do keep track of referrals and direct leads that we generate. These have increased by 30% month-over-month ever since we started using W3Dart. Since we’ve not made changes to other marketing activities, we have to attribute this all to W3Dart and we’re really happy.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Before signing up for W3Dart we did check out some alternatives. And although they were impressive in terms of UI and UX, we wanted to work with a more personable and hands-on team that you have at W3Dart to customize a few things for our work flow. We’re happy that we gave this a spin because the experience has been very positive.

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