Design / Creative Agencies

Design / Creative Agencies

The creative process is a beautifully messy one. It requires out-of-the-box thinking, painstaking precision, numerous revisions and a constant exchange of suggestions and inputs from both the client and the design agency. After all, design is an integral part of any brand. And crafting the perfect design is no mean feat.

Wanting a small change here and a slight tweak there sounds easy enough, but conveying that to someone sitting miles away is where the real challenge lies. This is where a tool like Dart saves the day. Packed with a trove of delightfully useful features, Dart bridges the gap between customer and agency, greatly simplifies the feedback process, ensures consistently qualitative results and saves everyone a ton of valuable time in the bargain!

How Dart Helps Creative / Design Agencies

During a creative project, when a client spots a bug in the design or if they want a certain design element changed, they first use a screenshot software to capture and annotate the area. Then, they transfer all screenshots on a Powerpoint presentation and highlight each issue on a different slide. Talk about inconvenient, right?

Dart flips the entire process on its head!

Now, you can get designs approved, fix bugs and zero in on client needs at lightning fast speeds. With features like automatic detection of browser and device info and seamless integration with project management tools, your entire team of designers, UX experts, developers and projects managers can collectively resolve client issues and discuss ideas internally with a convenience like never before.

Think collaboration. Think Dart.

Automatic detection of browser and device info
Seamless integration with project management tools