How to get started with using

Getting started with W3Dart is very easy in few easy steps to capture bugs and feedback from website using W3Dart.  Its the easiest way to collaborate with your teammates.

1) Login or Register

If you have not created a W3Dart account click here to create an account Free plan is Free Forever.

Once the account is created login to your account using email and password


W3Dart Login

2) Go to Dashboard

W3Dart Dashboard

3) Add Team

If you are the first member then start adding a team.

Learn more about how to create the team

new team

4) Add Project

Once you have added a team, create a project. Enter Project name and URL

Click here to learn how to add the project to W3Dart ?

add project


5) Invite to Collaborate

Great now you have added a project to your team, now invite team members to collaborate and start collecting the feedback

Click here to learn how to invite team members or stakeholders to collaborate on a project

Enter email select team and project


6) Install Extension

Install the browser extension. You can download it from here.

w3dart browser extensions

7) Start adding Feedback

Open the website you have added and click on the W3Dart browser extension icon and + Sign will appear on the bottom of the screen.

W3Dart widget button

Once you click on the +Sign  You will get the option to capture screenshots or Videos.

w3dart feedback widget

Drag to select the area to leave feedback. You can annotate the screenshot and assign the task. Also, you can integrate your other project management systems.

w3dart annotated screenshots


If you have any questions, please reach out to and we’d be glad to help!