How to integrate the Slack with W3Dart

Report Bugs: – Using Video Screenshots

Without Video Screenshot you can use annotation in video to regenerate bugs and record video recording to capture bugs, issues using our browser extensions

  • Select Area to report the bug
  • Add annotation to screenshot or video
  • Add the bug to Trello

Report your bugs to Trello

Take a Screenshot or Record a Video, add annotations and select Trello to report the bug.

  • Connect W3Dart to Trello Once,
  • No need to login again.
  • Create card with all details in one Click

Recreate Bugs using Video Recording

Sometimes if difficult to explain few bugs, simply capture Video, add annotations to video to explain further.

  • No need to share screens
  • No lengthily explanation to recreate bugs
  • Hit the bull eyes in on Click

Audio adds clarity to your Bugs

Sometimes adding voice gives more clarity to any of the bugs or issues and helps to solve and locate bugs faster.

  • Simply capture Video along with your Audio
  • Add annotation if needed
  • Create a card to Trello.

Browser info

Reporting bugs with W3Dart to Trello automatically adds all the browser info which is vital for your developers to recreate or locate bugs.

  • Browser name
  • Screen size
  • Viewport Size
  • Zoom Level
  • Os
  • User Agent