How to invite member in W3Dart Teams

Invite team members to collaborate on  the Project

If you are not an Administrator you need to ask your Team Administrator to add a new member Project.

There are two ways to Invite Team members or Stakeholders to collaborate on a project  using W3Dart

1. Log in to the dashboard and select the team.

On the dashboard on the right side corner, you will find an “Invite member by email”.

Click on invite member button

Enter the email address and select The Role and The Project you want to add members to grant access.

Learn about the different types of roles

Enter email select team and project


2. Invite the team members from the project settings tab

First Select the team and go to the project you want to invite the user.

go to the team and select project

Now go to the setting tab and click on the Team settings tab

team setting tab

Now click on add member.  As you are already in a team you don’t need to select any project and team, the user will be automatically added to the project you are in.

invite memeber from project setting tab