Freelancers / Project Managers

How Dart Helps Freelancers / Project Managers

Freelancers and project managers are born multitaskers. It goes without saying then that they need a feedback tool to match.

What better man for the job than W3Dart?

Too Many Tasks. Too Little Time.

Independent web contractors and managers handle the planning, design, execution, supervision and delivery of single, or at times, even multiple projects. As a result, they have to deal with feedback and inputs from various clients and team members on a regular basis. Subsequently, they spend a lot of time on unwanted chatter and lengthy email exchanges.

Freelancers / Project Managers

A platform like Dart acts like their best friend, allowing them to maintain a standardised level of communication within and outside their teams, and also helping them understand client needs with remarkable clarity.

Life without W3Dart

For independent workers and project managers, things tend to get out of hand when the number of clients and team members starts ballooning. The flow of information spirals out of control as tasks, projects, users and issues all reside in different tools.

The result? All aboard Pandemonium Station !
Life of freelancer or project manager without W3Dart

Life with W3Dart

By using W3Dart, you're pretty much guaranteed smooth sailing all the way. Similar to the body’s central nervous system that integrates and streamlines data from various parts of the body, Dart acts like a centralised hub for all ongoing projects, to-do lists and client issues.

A one-stop shop that ensures you always come out on top!
Life before W3Dart

The W3Dart Advantage - Freelancers and Project Managers

With features like video recording, screen capture and a unified feedback hub, independent contractors and managers can now work seamlessly across multiple projects.

Centralised Bug Tracking for Your Favourite Tools

Say goodbye to clunky and disorganised feedback via multiple channels such as emails, chat messages and meeting notes. Now, you can gather all bug reports directly and systematically within your current issue tracker.

Centralize in your favorite tools

Automatic Detection of Key Metadata

With W3Dart, you can report bugs or share feedback directly into Trello or Slack and it automatically captures and displays all the important browser metadata. This allows your developers or QA team to easily recreate and locate bugs.

  • Browser name
  • Screen size
  • Viewport Size
  • Zoom Level
  • Os
  • User Agent

Multi-Browser Accessibility

The W3Dart extension offers support for major browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Since some bugs are browser-specific, this allows you to raise issues and record bugs in the browser of your choice, allowing you to pinpoint the bug’s exact location.

Save your developers' time by not having to ask your clients.
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W3Dart - Key Features

Screenshot or Video

Screenshot or Video

Whenever you create a new bug report or leave any feedback using W3Dart, it will automatically send a screenshot or video as an attachment directly into your current management tool like Trello or Slack.

Recreate Bugs using Video Recording

Recreate Bugs using Video Recording

At times, screenshots and emails are just not enough to point out the bug’s exact location. In such cases, simply use W3Dart to capture a video of the bug and add annotations to elucidate. It’s that easy.

  • No lengthy explanations to recreate bugs
  • Hit the bullseye in one click
  • Automatically create a card in Trello
Audio adds clarity to your Bugs

Audio Input for Enhanced Feedback Clarity

Adding your voice can greatly improve the clarity of your issue and helps locate and fix bugs faster. Connect your Trello account with W3Dart, raise a bug and it will be automatically converted into a Trello Card. No more guess work. Only smart work.

  • Capture video along with your audio
  • Add annotations if needed
  • Automatically create a card in Trello

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