Freelancers / Project Managers

Freelancers and project managers are born multitaskers. They handle the planning, design, execution, supervision and delivery of single, or at times, even multiple projects. As a result, they have to deal with feedback and inputs from various clients and team members on a regular basis.

In such cases, a platform like Dart is their best friend. It allows them to maintain a standardised level of communication with their team and other collaborators, and also helps them understand their clients’ needs with remarkable clarity. Subsequently, they spend a lot less time on unwanted chatter and lengthy email exchanges and a lot more time on ensuring client satisfaction and improving overall productivity.

How Dart Helps Freelancers / Project Managers

For independent web contractors and project managers, things tend to get out of hand when the number of clients and team members starts ballooning. The flow of information spirals out of control as tasks, projects, users and issues all reside in different tools. From there on out, it’s pandemonium all the way.

With Dart, it’s only smooth sailing all the way.

Similar to the body’s central nervous system that integrates and streamlines data from various parts of the body, Dart acts like a centralised hub for all projects, to-do lists, client feedback and website issues.

A one-stop shop that makes sure you always come out on top.


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