Visual Feedback Tool for Design Agencies

Client Feedback

Get Client feedback on Websites through videos with voiceover. Get everything that’s on their
screen and going through their head during Bug Reporting and reviews.


Get feedback from your clients through videos with voiceover. Get everything that’s on their
screen and going through their head during reviews.

User Feedback

Get feedback from your clients through videos with voiceover. Get everything that’s on their
screen and going through their head during reviews.

Get an over the shoulder view of what your client sees and thinks while giving feedback

Visual Feedback as a Videos

Visual Feedback as a Videos

Sometimes there is an issue with page loading or something unexpected might be happening after a form submission. Video Visual feedback tool allows the clients to accurately capture and report the bug. You simply cannot do it with annotated screenshots and rich-text comments.

Speed Up Client Feedback with Video

Most client feedback is delayed because going through the website or software, taking
screenshots for the feedback, and noting down the comments is quite a tedious process.
But with video feedback, you can just click a button and start recording.

Videos capture the client’s frame of reference

Videos with voiceovers make it easy for clients to explain their thinking and feeling behind the feedback. This context allows you to make the most appropriate changes without going through multiple rounds of revision.

Productivity with Creativity

During any Web Design project, when a client want to report a bug in the design or if
they want a certain design element changed, they first use a screenshot software to
capture and annotate the area. Then, they transfer all screenshots on a Powerpoint
presentation and highlight each issue on a different slide.

Stop juggling Customer feedback like a performer and start performing like an expert

Life before W3Dart

The process of getting designs approved without W3Dart is so tedious and frustrating,
you’ll be tearing your hair out long before approval.

Life after W3Dart

With an interface that is elegant, engaging and intuitive, W3Dart makes the exchange of
ideas and information between clients, designers and project managers an absolute

Integrate with all your favorite tools

As an Web agency, you need to be able to manage a full stack of tools. That’s why W3Dart integrates with the leading bug tracking and
project management tools.

Key Features

Whenever you create a new bug report or leave any feedback using W3Dart, it will
automatically send a screenshot or video as an attachment directly into your
current management tool like Trello or Slack.

At times, screenshots and emails are just not enough to point out the bug’s
exact location. In such cases, simply use W3Dart to capture a video of the bug
and add annotations to elucidate. It’s that easy.

  • No lengthy explanations to recreate bugs
  • Hit the bullseye in one click
  • Automatically create a card in Trello

Adding your voice can greatly improve the clarity of your issue and helps locate
and fix bugs faster. Connect your Trello account with W3Dart, raise a bug and it
will be automatically converted into a Trello Card. No more guess work. Only
smart work.

  • Capture video along with your audio
  • Add annotations if needed
  • Automatically create a card in Trello

Screenshot or Video

“In a global organization with over 2000 employees, W3dart’s easy to use tool is
essential in scaling up our feedback exchange.”

Minji K.
ceo hashtag media

W3Dart – The Designer-Friendly Visual Feedback Tool

With features like video recording with screen capture and a centralised
feedback hub, designers can now work seamlessly across multiple projects.

W3Dart - The Designer-Friendly Visual Feedback Tool

Say goodbye to clunky and disorganised feedback via multiple channels such as
emails, chat messages and meeting notes. Now, you can gather all bug reports
directly and systematically within your current issue tracker.

With W3Dart, you can report bugs or share feedback directly into Trello or Slack
and it automatically captures and displays all the important browser metadata.
This allows your developers or QA team to easily recreate and locate bugs.
Browser name Screen size Viewport Size Zoom Level Os User-Agent

The W3Dart extension offers support for major browsers like Chrome, Safari, and
Firefox. Since some bugs are browser-specific, this allows you to raise issues
and record bugs in the browser of your choice, allowing you to pinpoint the
bug’s exact location.

Save your developers’ time by not having to ask your clients.

See how it works for your agency

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