Collect Visual Feedback and Bug Reports in Trello App


Visual feedback using Screenshot or Video to Trello App

in just few click. You don’t need to toggle anywhere. Take Screenshot or Record video submit the Bug Report Directly to your trello board without leaving Website.

W3Dart Integrates with Trello App

easily with few click from the dashboard. Connect to your trello card once and you are done.

It is 2-way Sync Trello Bug reporting tool.

So Report from Website to Trello and update from trello to W3dart. No more screenshot attachments to bug reports not more skype or Zoom call to explain complex bug to your remote team. Just record the video and send it to Trello app and your are done.

Collect your Visitors feedback to Trello App using W3Dart Trello integration

without needing them to login or downloading browser extension. Customer feedback directly to trello board in a snap.
A card with all the essential information is directly created in Trello as soon as a bug is reported using W3dart.

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Convert your bugs and feedback into Trello App Issues

Take a Screenshot or Record a Video, add annotations and select Trello Board to report the bug.

  • Connect W3Dart to Trello Account Once,
  • No need to login again.
  • Bug and Feedback are converted into Trello issues with all details in one Click after Trello Integration
Recreate Bugs using Video Recording

Recreate Bugs using Video Recording

Sometimes if difficult to explain few bugs, simply capture Video, add annotations to video to explain further. Connect Trello account with W3Dart, Capture video and we will add the video bug to Trello card as attachment.

  • No need to share screens
  • No lengthy explanation to recreate bugs
  • Hit the bull eyes in on Click
Audio adds clarity to your Bugs

Audio adds clarity to your Bugs

Sometimes adding voice gives more clarity to any of the bugs or issues and helps to solve and locate bugs faster. Connect Trello account with W3Dart, report a bug or leave a feedback and it will be converted into Trello Card. No guess work at all.

  • Simply capture Video along with your Audio
  • Add annotation if needed
  • Create a card to Trello.
Send Screenshot or Video to Trello App

Send Screenshot or Video to Trello App

When you create bug or leave feedback on W3Dart it will automatically send Screenshot or Video as attachment to Trello Board.

Browser Meta Data inte

Browser Meta Data

Report bug or leave feedback with W3Dart to Trello automatically and it adds all the browser Meta data which is vital for your developers or QA team to recreate or locate bugs.

Browser name Screen size Viewport Size Zoom Level Os User Agent

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