Bug Reporting of Design Agencies

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Bug report with Clarity in Context:

Your developers will love bug reports that is self-explanatory that leaves no concern unaddressed.  Report the bug with all information required to test, identify and reproduce easily.

Centralize the Bug Tracking

Say goodbye to clunky and disorganized feedback via multiple channels such as emails, chat messages and meeting notes. Now, you can gather all bug reports directly and systematically within your current issue tracker.

Capture Bugs using Video Recording

At times, screenshots and emails are just not enough to point out the bug’s exact location. In such cases, simply use W3Dart to capture a video of the bug and add annotations to elucidate. It’s that easy.

Main Features

  • Screenshot with Annotation
  • Video recording and screen capture
  • Attachment
  • Console error recording

Integrates with Almost Everything

  • Integrate with your project management system
  • Integrate with your communication Channel
  • Integrate with a bug tracking tool

Say Good by to

  • No lengthy explanations to recreate bugs
  • No more Skype / Zoom Calls. No Screen sharing.
  • Hit the bullseye in one click
  • Automatically create a card in Trello

Everything to Solve the bug

  • Browser name version
  • Screen size
  • Viewport Size
  • Zoom Level
  • OS
  • User Agent

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