Customer Feedback for Web Agencies

Beat the Deadline. Supercharge client feedback and fasten approvals.
Expedites development life cycle and bridges the communication gap between clients and developers in innumerable ways.

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Organized Communication

Say goodbye to lengthy and confusing email chains and never-ending Skype calls as you communicate with your clients using a centralized unified platform.

Cost and Time Efficient

Save heaps of cash and oodles of time by cutting down the amount of back and forth communication needed for every small change.

Seamless Integration

W3Dart features a two-way sync with prominent project management tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Slack and Monday.

Actionable Feedback

Get precise feedback directly in your browser. Offer your clients an easy tool for highlighting issues and bugs without any further explanation required.

Regenerate Bugs with Ease

Using a combination of markups, screen recorders, and audio-visual tools, clients can now point out exact bug locations in a matter of seconds.

Auto-Detection of System Specs

W3Dart automatically detects specs such as screen resolution, browser size, OS version, etc. of the system that was used to raise the issue.

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