Simple yet effective Customer Satisfaction tool

Empower the customer to give valuable feedback on your website. Gather information about their Pinpoint the likes and dislikes.

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Customer Centric Feedback

Anticipate customers needs by collecting meaningful insights

  • Prioritize the needs of customer
  • Suggestions , feature request all at one place.
Centralize customer feedback

Bugs , reviews and feedback at reported on different tools take longer time to resolve them.

  • Resolve issue faster
  • Align all teams to ship faster
  • Maximize impacts
Conduct a Survey

Choose any ready to use survey templates to engage with your customers and collect the feedback on right page at right moment.

  • Star Rating
  • NPS Rating

Bug reporting with Annotated Screenshots

Get precise feedback directly from their browser. Offer your clients an easy tool for highlighting issues and bugs without any further explanation required.

Precisely Feedback with Video

Build robust and sustainable designs by easily identifying key performance issues and guaranteeing crystal clear feedback clarity using Video recording feature.

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