Feedback Tool for Development Teams

Make the feedback elegant, engaging, and intuitive, Exchange of ideas and information between all stakeholders, the Design Team, Developers, Content Writers, and project managers is an absolute delight.

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Remote Collaboration

Easily collaborate with remote teams and clients as you share ideas and inputs via a centralized feedback hub.

Pinpoint Pain Points Early

Build robust and sustainable designs by easily identifying key performance issues and guaranteeing crystal clear feedback clarity using Video recording feature.

Cost and Time Efficient

Save heaps of cash and oodles of time by cutting down the amount of back and forth communication needed for every small change.

Audio-Visual Feedback

Clients can record their voices and their screens simultaneously to explain their issues with clarity like never before.

Organized Communication

Say goodbye to lengthy and confusing email chains and never-ending Skype calls as you communicate with your clients using a unified platform.

No Time-Zone Barrier

Permanently eliminate the ‘different time zone’ hurdle as you drastically reduce the amount of communication needed for every little change.

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