UAT – User Acceptance Testing Simplified

Run UAT User Acceptance Testing with ease. Accurately capture and report the bug using Video Feedback and Annotated Screenshot Gain user adoption and execute faster and safer UAT cycles.

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Perform Error-proof UAT to Test Smarter and faster

Fix, Test, Deploy. With precise bug capture. Let your developers see exactly what to fix, and what to test. That way, you release higher quality software in a fraction of the time and budget.

  • Annotated Screenshots
  • Video Screen capture
  • Browser Meta Data
Setup Effective communication between Teams

From Wire-frame to Design, Design to Development. planning, to scoping, to testing and all the way to deployment everything can be streamlined for faster output that beats deadlines

  • Collaborate with different teams
  • Centralize all feedback and communications
  • Fix bugs quickly with confidence.
Beat Deadlines. Release Smoother.

Allow all teams collaborate on same platform. No miscommunication between the development, quality assurance (QA), and UAT team.

  • Tag the bugs
  • Categorize the priorities
  • Get notification on Emails

Eliminate Risk

Identify and fix every potential bug before you deploy. So you confidently move forward without worrying about taking giant steps backward.

Release Faster

With precise bug reporting, it’s easy to recreate and solve the bugs quickly. Resolve the bugs efficiently without any nuisance.

Save time and Money

Save heaps of cash and oodles of time by cutting down the amount of back and forth communication needed for every small change.

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