Wireframes and prototypes are the foundation stones of any website or application. The process of wireframing is essentially designing the blueprint that forms the skeletal framework of a website. To build a structurally sound website, getting the basics right is key. And when talking about basics, wireframing is the first step. A robustly built wireframe saves a ton of time and money in the long run.

Since wireframes function as a common communication language between the client and the designer, they require an efficient exchange of ideas from the outset, and for that, a solid feedback platform is vital. We have designed Dart keeping these factors in mind. As a result, using Dart makes the feedback process quick, simple, engaging, and to the point.

Your clients can now point out their likes, dislikes and changes that they want done on the wireframe itself. Dart allows them to draw, annotate, record their screens and use Dart’s revolutionary audio-visual tool to deliver crisp and concise feedback, eliminating any chance of misunderstanding between you and your client.

Using Dart during Wireframing

Reviewing wireframes using Dart is so easy and convenient, you’ll wonder why you weren’t using it this whole time.

  • Upload wireframe to the Dart dashboard
  • Share the secure URL with your client and your team
  • Clients and team members leave actionable feedback using annotations and sound clips right on the wireframe itself
  • Make relevant changes internally
  • Get final approval from your client
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    You’re done!


  • Audio-Visual Feedback

    Clients can record their voices and their screens simultaneously to explain their issues with a clarity like never before.

  • Instant Validation

    Get immediate validation from clients and colleagues on all your ideas by sharing them via a centralised feedback hub.

  • Cost and Time Efficient

    Save heaps of cash and oodles of time by cutting down the amount of back and forth communication needed for every small change.

  • Pinpoint Pain Points Early

    Build robust and sustainable wireframes by easily identifying key performance issues such as navigation and functionality.

  • Organised Communication

    Say goodbye to lengthy and confusing email chains and never-ending Skype calls as you communicate with your clients using a unified platform.

  • Improved Designs

    Create flawless website designs by receiving prompt and precise feedback on your wireframes and making changes exactly where required.